Why are we in every school in Scotland?


Although TeeJay Maths is a fairly new resource to schools in England and Australia, we have been around in Scotland for nearly 25 years. From our introduction to the classroom in the 1990’s, we have grown to become the largest and most widely used maths resource in the country.


Firstly, we understand the curriculum in Scotland inside out. TeeJay Maths was founded by former principle maths teachers, Tom Strang, Jima Geddes and James Cairns, who had experience of working with the Scottish curriculum on a daily basis for years. With this in mind, brothers Tom and John Strang then also understood the challenges in teaching maths, and had their own ideas as to how this could be tackled. And so the TeeJay Maths core resources were created in an attempt to bring a new approach to the teaching of maths in Scotland.

And it worked! From creating homework packs to complement existing maths resources in schools to creating assessment resources and course textbooks covering the syllabi in each school year from age 5 to 18, TeeJay have covered the lot.

TeeJay have even kept up with curriculum changes, producing new textbooks in 2010 to meet the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence requirements. This included creating new resources for National 4 and National 5 and Lifeskills courses, and much much more.

Going above and beyond

TeeJay Maths has always been about more than just providing the textbooks to do the teaching. Every single core book produced comes with its own homework packs and assessment packs, to reinforce learning and ensure understanding of each module within the textbook, as well as free downloadable course planners.

In addition, TeeJay Maths also offer free finance units available to primary and secondary pupils, as well as new mental maths packs to help with learning in this area. The Mental Maths resources were developed recently, as Tom and John Strang are consistently looking for ways to improve on the maths teaching and learning experience.

These are just some of the reasons why we are in every school in Scotland. We have testimonials on our Scottish site from the teachers who have bought and used our resources, providing their own reasons why they choose us as their core maths resource provider.

With this in mind, Tom, John and the whole TeeJay Maths team are now concentrating on putting the same amount of effort and enthusiasm into bringing this new approach to teaching to schools across England and Australia.

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