TeeJay Maths – Adding Fun to Learning in 2017

As schools start back after a fun-filled Christmas break, we are looking forward to continuing to add fun to learning in 2017. After launching some great new TeeJay Maths core resources and materials in 2016, we look forward to bringing them to more of your schools and homes this year.

Mental Maths

In Scotland, we continued to be the leading maths resource providers for schools in the country, by updating and improving the various textbooks and packs already available.
We produced new Mental Maths packs at the end of 2016, replacing the older 5-14 Mental Packs, in order to meet Curriculum for Excellence standards. Each pack contains a set of 20 mental tests for each book (1a to 3b), along with a corresponding set of 20 back-up, support teaching sheets, a help grid for teachers to plan tests as well as a class progress list. These packs can be used as standalone resources or to supplement the TeeJay Textbooks associated with that year group. More information on our mental maths packs can be found here.

eng2-(1)Launch in England and Australia

Having invested a lot of time researching and creating textbooks to fit the English and Australian curriculums, we began offering resources to schools in these countries in 2014 and 2016 respectively. Catering to the national curriculum in each country, we have a range of primary school resources available for both schools and parents/tutors in England and Australia. We are confident that after our successful reception in Scotland, where we have a presence in almost every primary and secondary school in the country, that we can replicate this success in England and Australia given time.

You can view more on our English curriculum books here, and our Australian curriculum books here.aus

New website

Towards the end of 2016 we launched a brand new TeeJay Maths website, which we felt was much needed to reflect what we do. Our previous website was under our old branding of TeeJay Publishers, and didn’t properly reflect the services and resources we offer, especially considering our expansion to England and Australia.

Our new website is split into three sections based on location. Scotland, England/Wales and Australia each having their own full site packed with the relevant resources and news to match the curriculum and educational issues in that country. We feel that this offers users, whether teachers, parents or tutors, a much better overall experience. It’s now easier to find the content or resources you are looking for.


We have begun to look at expanding our Core Textbook and support resources for England and Australia into the secondary market, with Years 7 and 8 materials in the pipeline.

With much to shout about in 2016, we can’t wait to bring you more great resources, tips and maths fun over the year ahead.

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