Ten ways to tackle times tables

Learning the times tables is essential for every child. It not only saves time but when children get to a point that they are learning much harder math’s concepts knowing the times tables makes this so much easier. On a more practical level, we also need our times tables for everyday life. But first we need to learn them. Here are some of TeeJay Maths’s top tips help children learn their times tables.


  1. Know the tricks…

There are lots of tricks out there for learning time tables such as knowing that the two times tables is simply adding the number twice. There are lots more tricks like this out there to help your child understand times tables better.


  1. Play times tables games

Getting children to participate in games makes learning a lot more fun. This might turn learning times tables into something that’s a lot more enjoyable for them.


  1. Use advert breaks to test their tables

Any time you have a little bit of time such as sitting at the traffic lights or during advert breaks is a great time to do some practicing. Fire out a couple of questions and see if they can get it right.


  1. Show your children when we use times tables in life

A good example of this is if you have to scale up on a recipe. See if they can work out how much extra ingredients you need!


  1. Turn it into a competition

See if your child can do their times tables faster than they did the last time or how many times tables they can go through without making a mistake. This might make practicing more fun for your child.


  1. Start with the easy ones first

Learning times tables can be very daunting for any child so start with the easy ones like 10s, 2s and 5s. Once your child figures these out it will be much easier to conquer the harder ones.


  1. Use technology!

There are so many online games and apps out there that you can get for your child.


  1. Say it out loud

Rhyming off different times tables will help a child to make links between the patterns in different sets of times tables. Learning this way makes it repetitive and will make it easier to remember connections.


  1. Tell them when they are getting it right

When we get something right we all love getting some praise. Try to focus on what your child is getting right while learning the times tables.


  1. Take your time

This is something that will take some time so go at a pace that is realistic for your child. Go back over what they don’t know or are struggling with and repeat it until they do.

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