Busted: The Top 6 Maths Myths

Maths is essential in everyday life; we wouldn’t be learning it the whole way through school if it wasn’t! Maths gets a bad reputation and this has got a lot to do with the myths that have been floating about.

Here are the truths behind some of these well-known myths:


  1. Myth: Some people just don’t get maths


Truth: Every child is taught maths in school but some children just don’t like it as much as other subjects. Everybody can do maths if they just spend a little more time on it.


  1. Myth: Maths is not creative


Truth: There is more than one way to solve a maths problem. This makes solving problems a creative process. It’s interesting that two people can get to the right answer but by solving it in different ways.


  1. Myth: You will never use this stuff outside the maths classroom.


Truth: Wrong! We use maths every day from counting our change to making sure we add enough flour in a recipe. There are also some cool jobs that also need maths such as an animator or an astronaut.


  1. Myth: Girls aren’t as good at maths as boys are


Truth: This is a gender bias that has been going on for decades. There is no difference between girls and boys brains but this is something that they seem to learn in life. Try and avoid gender bias comments when talking about maths with your child to avoid this myth.


  1. Myth: You don’t need to know the basics


Truth: Maths is a subject where you have to start at the beginning before getting to the harder parts of maths. How would we be able to do algebra without being able to add and multiply?


  1. Myth: You can’t revise for maths tests


Truth: Some concepts of maths take a long time to master. We can revise for maths tests by practising different equations and solutions. In maths, we might only have one right answer but there can be lots of different methods to get to that right answer.


There are lots of maths myths out there but just encourage your child to do maths from the start and they will get there. It takes time to become good at maths but the subject also opens a lot of doors for their future.

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