Welcome to our new website!

At Teejay Maths, we have been undergoing a number of changes in order to improve and expand our services. The first change in this instance was rebranding from Teejay Publishers to Teejay Maths, which we feel is a better embodiment of what we offer.

As part of the rebrand, we felt our website needed to be updated to reflect what we are, what we do and our aims. As you can see from a glance at our homepage, our mission is clear: to provide a new approach to the teaching of maths.

Teejay Maths has been an established brand in Scotland for a number of years, offering the leading maths resource to primary, secondary and independent schools in the country. After spending the last couple of years researching the different curriculums in both England and Australia, we have adapted our resources to suit both countries and hope to achieve similar success in these areas.

With this in mind, our site is split into three parts – Scotland, England and Australia. The idea behind this was to make the site as easy and efficient as possible to use, no matter which region you’re in.

Similarly, as Teejay is a resource that both teachers and parents or tutors are welcome to use. We have made it much easier to navigate the site, no matter what category you fall under. In addition to allowing you to purchase textbooks from the site for individual or school use, you can now also clearly see our additional resources, including free downloads which are available to you.

Another change to our website which allows us to be more informative, is the blog section. Here you can find news about Teejay Maths and what we’re doing, general topical maths news and features, as well as some great examples of maths in action.

We hope you enjoy our new site whether you’re looking for books and resources for the Scottish, English or Australian curriculum.

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