Who are we?

TeeJay Maths started out life as TeeJay Publishers. The idea was conceptualised over a few drinks at a 40th birthday party in September 1994 by brothers Tom and John Strang – hence the name TeeJay.

The concept came about as Tom, PT Maths at Clydebank High, was disappointed at the maths homework, or lack of it his own kids received. He had hand-written a photocopiable homework pack to support, exercise by exercise, the work of the Heinemann Stage 4 Maths Textbook. At the time, Heinemann was in almost every school in Scotland.

His wife Anne, a head teacher was using it in her school and response from parents was so positive, that John gave up his job as a systems analyst to begin desk top publishing the pack and began selling it to schools. Within a year, along with another maths teacher, Jim Geddes, they had written and produced homework packs to supplement and complement all the Heinemann Primary Textbooks.

Along with 5-14 assessment packs, John and Jim gradually got to sell these packs to almost every Primary in Scotland, within a three-year period. They created similar homework packs to support the Secondary Maths in Action books, which at that time were used in almost every Scottish secondary school, and went on to produce 5 massive Ultimate Support Packs for Foundation, General, Credit, Higher and Advanced Higher that sold to every Secondary in Scotland. The also provided a set of 5 prelim papers for each of the 5 levels in Secondary schools.

By this time, the third writer and the baby of the team, James Cairns had joined TeeJay. The trio wrote their first two books in 2002, called General books 3G and 4G for middling pupils in Scotland’s S3 and S4 years (England’s years 9 and 10), and these sold to every secondary in Scotland also. In fact, they sold almost 50,000 of each book over a 4-year period.

In 2003, they began writing for the Scottish 5-14 syllabi and within 3 years had produced books covering Primary 1 to Secondary 2. This was followed by Standard Grade, Intermediate and Access3 course books, each along with their corresponding Homework and Assessment packs. The books sold to almost every Secondary and around 80% of Primaries at that time.

Over time, Heinemann and Maths in Action gradually disappeared as Teejay took over, to become the main provider of maths resources to Scottish schools.

In 2010, with the introduction of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), TeeJay produced 12 new Textbooks, covering everything from the Primary 1 to Secondary 2 CfE courses as well as the National 4 and National 5 courses and the Nat 4/Nat 5 Lifeskills books. All with homework and assessment packs and these, resources are now in almost every school in Scotland.

After working hard to achieve such great success in Scotland, in 2013, TeeJay Maths turned its attention to the new National curricula in both England and Australia. Developing 6 books for each covering the Primary years 1 to 6 in both countries, the TeeJay name is continuing to expand throughout these countries.

Still very much a family owned and operated business, TeeJay Maths remains committed to encouraging and improving the teaching and learning of maths in schools.

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