Why It Is So Important For Parents To Be Involved With A Child’s Maths Learning

Much like reading, maths is an incredibly important skill that is used daily. Whether you are telling the time, keeping track of your money or shopping, mathematical skills are frequently used.

If a child’s career of choice doesn’t seemingly involve maths, they may be sceptical about learning it and may even ask “When am I ever going to need it?”

However, it has been proven that children with good numeracy skills are likely to earn more, stay in education longer and have a higher chance of being employed when they grow up. Below, TeeJay Maths has outlined how parents’ involvement and attitudes can have a massive effect on a child’s mathematical ability!

Shared attitudes towards maths

Your attitude towards maths will influence your child’s! If you remain enthusiastic about their learning, they can continue to develop their core maths skills. If a student struggles with maths, it is common for parents to comment “I was never good at math either.” This negative attitude will impact their ability, so staying positive is essential. Even if you do not remember maths being fun at school, do not let them know you disliked it.

Children need regular support to recognise the maths in the world around them

Maths is everywhere and practising it and learning it out-of-school can help improve not only their attitude, but their ability! This can be something as simple as counting stairs with younger children or reading counting books together. For children that are older, practice times tables, fractions and percentages with them. This can be done by through money calculations.

Children want to do their parents proud

It has been found that children become higher achievers because they want to make their parents proud and become a good role model for younger siblings. Therefore, if you are actively involved in your child’s maths development, they are highly motivated to do well. Moreover, families that are encouraging and supportive – rather than controlling – will help children become more confident.

Parent’s involvement in homework is important

If you work with your child to help them complete their maths homework, they are more likely to achieve higher grades. This is because they are spending more time on it and engaging in self-regulation. It also becomes more enjoyable when they can solve problems with their parent’s help. While this collaborative experience is extremely important, try to remember that the mathematics content and instruction will look different from the maths you had in school!

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