Year 1 Book 1A


This bright colourful pupil centred book (96 pages), along with Book 1B, covers the entire content of the National Curriculum Mathematics Year 1 Course as laid out in the Australian National Curriculum Document.

  • The book follows on directly from TeeJay’s 12 Foundation Booklets A1-A12.
  • Year 1 Book 1A contains a 5 page “Chapter Zero” which primarily revises every topic from our Foundation course and can be used as a diagnostic tool.
  • Non-calculator skills are emphasised and encouraged throughout the book.
  • Consolidation with each chapter will have a “Revisit – Review – Revise” exercise as a summary.
  • Teejay’s Year 1 Homework Pack – mirroring exercise by exercise, the topics in this book, is available as a photocopiable pack.
  • TeeJay’s Year 1 Assessment Pack –can be used topic by topic or combined to form a series of Year 1 Cumulative Formative tests. It also contains a series of longer assessments covering all curriculum outcomes

ISBN: 9781907789700

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Homework Sample

TeeJay Homework Pack – this photocopiable pack mirrors, exercise by exercise, the work covered in class each day. It can be produced as an A5 booklet and allows a parent to follow and monitor the progress of their child on a regular basis.


Assessment Sample

TeeJay Formative Assessment – The books provide many opportunities to assess the class formatively and each chapter ends with a Revisit-Review- Revise exercise enabling teachers to assess progress on an on-going basis.

TeeJay Diagnostic Assessment – The end-of-year assessment allows the teacher/curriculum leader to easily analyse the work of the class to determine, topic by topic, any weaknesses, either individually or collectively. This supports teachers in the handover of children from one year to the next.

TeeJay Summative Assessment – The assessment pack provides continuous opportunities for the class teacher to measure the progress of the class via basic chapter tests, a series of longer block assessments and possibly

Detailed Course Planner

Year 1A Sample

Detailed Course Planner

Assessment Sample

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